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Diginist was started in 2014 as the digital industry was growing and we found ourselves missing a place to share knowledge, experiences and best practices on how to handle businesses and their digital presence. Today, we are a network of 25 ambitious digital media specialists. Oh, and we are all women.

We are 25 very different individuals all working with digital media in different industries. We find great value in sharing experiences and cases across businesses. Together, we cover industries such as political organizations, private and public companies, media agencies and the music- and film industry. We are present in Denmark’s smallest as well as biggest companies – and most importantly, we all share the fascination with the potential of digital media.

First and foremost, we want to help each other forward. We are ambitious – not only do we have a desire to constantly improve ourselves, but also to make the digital industry a better place to work. We meet at least one time every month to update each other on the latest trends and challenges within digital media.

If you want to know more about the women of this network, please do so here.